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CHARITIES that we support

My youngest sister Danielle is the founder of Share & Care (Mission Partage) and I know that ALL funds collected are used to help human beings recover hope and dignity.  They are building a shelter & school for outcast handicapped children in India;  they provide shelter, medical attention and education to street kids taking them off the street where most of them were begging for the benefit of unscrupulous individuals.  There are also children education and women projects currently being started in Mateco, Republic of Congo, Africa.   You can leave donations here…or just empty your pockets of the heavy Costa Rican change as you leave the hotel.  There is a container in the living room for that purpose.

Should you prefer to donate to a Costa Rican organization, we support the following programs:

Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation.  If you wish to visit their projects during your stay in Costa Rica just let us know and we will put you in direct contact with the director of the Foundation, Gail Nystrom.

Center for Single Mothers (money or women and children clothing welcome), School Uniform Program (for $30 you can buy a school uniform which will entitle a child to attend school) and School or Art Supplies which are distributed to poor children at Christmas (last year we had a huge donation of tooth brushes from a dental care assistant – the children were thrilled to receive new toothbrushes in their package).Contact