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“Links & Friends” 

The list of helpful people in Costa Rica could be veeeeeeeeery long because Costa Ricans are nice and helpful people.  Certain guidebooks even mention that in order to help you they will give you information…whether or not they know the answer to your question.  Tip of the Day:  After asking three people make an average of the information you got and you are likely to be close to the ‘right answer’.


This being said many helpful people have crossed my path since I arrived in Costa Rica in 2000 and here is a short list in case you need their assistance:

SCOTT OLIVER at WeLoveCostaRica:  Scott was one of the first people to help me when I started the B&B over 10 years ago.  He mentioned Casa Laurin on his powerful website which is read by hundreds of people every week.  Membership is free and you will find answers to zillions of questions that you or your friends may have.

CHARLES DENNARD, International Dentistry Patient Coordinator.  Charlie is my angel and he can be yours too!  He came to the B&B as a guest a couple of years ago.  In the first days of 2011 he moved to Costa Rica permanently and he offers Concierge service to visitors who come to Costa Rica for dental care.  He coordinates dental appointments, travel arrangements & will ‘hold your hand’ during your stay in Costa Rica and your dental treatments.  You can contact Charlie through his website:

DANIEL LANGLOIS of Escazu News:  Another angel who ‘fell on my path’ in the first days of Casa Laurin.  Lots of local information about Escazu and the vicinity:

IVO HENFLING of Godutch Realty:  Expert in real estate, Ivo can help you find your ideal home in paradise. On his blog you will find lots of information, not only about housing but also about living in Costa Rica. I know that you will enjoy reading the many aspects that he presents as you prepare for your ‘new adventure’.

The CANADIAN CLUB, open to Canadians and everyone who has a sense of humor and a sense of community:

MONIQUE CHABOT, life coach and facilitator  – Personal growth journey

NICOLE THOMAS-GERBER, Shaman, holistic medicine energy healer

ERIC LEGROS, a wonderful individual who built this webswite in a very professional and ethical manner: