Medical Vacationer Special

    Costa Rica  is considered as the best alternative for North Americans who want to take advantage of low-cost dental care or medical care in general. We will be pleased to introduce you to world class dentistry at affordable prices.  Certified specialists educated and trained in the USA provide high-quality DENTISTRY, VISION, annual medical CHECKUPS, REJUVENATION or LASER treatment services for a fraction of the north-american prices.  All these professionals speak English and they use state-of-the-art equipment.  The friendliness of Costa Ricans is also part of the treatment that you will experience.

    Travellers who visit Costa Rica for dental care sometimes feel uncomfortable or uncertain of what to expect.  If it is your first time traveling abroad for medical attention, you may want to take advantage of our concierge service (someone who will establish your treatment plan with you and a local dentist, who will welcome you when you arrive in the country, who will take you to your first appointment, who will walk you around town to show you where to eat, shop, etc.  at NO ADDITIONAL COST).

    Here at Casa Laurin we offer special packages designed with your comfort and safety in mind!  We customize everything according to your needs and preferences which could include arranging your appointments, transportation, sightseeing and meals. Tell us what you need and we will arrange it.  Service is our priority and pampering is our specialty! Why stay under gray skies or unbearable heat when you can enjoy beautiful weather in Costa Rica while taking care of your health!!!

    Yes, we can turn your ‘med-trip’ into a worry-free mini vacation.

    For your convenience, we are located centrally between CIMA hospital, many dentists office, MultiPlaza, the largest shopping mall in Costa Rica, EPA which is a major hardware store, many supermarkets, restaurants, banks and other conveniences.